An informative and amusing transcript from a diary written in 1868 by a John Holt, describing the village of Tittensor in Staffordshire (the inhabitants being the "wickedest people on the face of the earth!"), wherein he writes on many aspects of the village life & environs, including reference to a local Powner - a poacher identified as "Wasp"


An indication of the distribution of Powners in the years 1881 and 1998


A brief detail of John Wesley Woodward - a cellist on the Titanic. It has been suggested that he may be the father of Laura Ellen Kelsall - wife of Eric Powner

Love & Age

A poem by Thomas Love Peacock (1785-1866) - of no particular relevance other than perhaps to those with a family who are at, or approaching their 'later' years.

The taking of Lungtungpen

An extract from "The taking of Lungtungpen" by Rudyard Kipling - included because George Powner served in the Indian Army, and at one point was stationed at Dagshai in 1905. This story is one of the very few other places that I could find a reference to Dagshai.

At that time, it was an important Army barracks, and is now a highly regarded Army school


Another story by Rudyard Kipling (I'm getting quite addicted)